Saturday, 6 February 2016

Welcome our newest member!

(picture from DeviantArt)

We have added a new member to our ranks! Jasa is one of GoatMips's friends IRL, and he has recently become addicted to CS:GO. He is a new player, but brings many FPS skills from his extensive experience with TF2 (as well as some bad habits - DAMNIT JASA STOP RUNNING WHILE YOU SHOOT). If you see him in game, give him a congratulations for making through our intensive recruitment process!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

We are now supporting a streamer!

We have decided to officially support! This dude is super nice, chill as a cucumber, entertaining, and a talented multi-gamer. He streams almost all day long. While he mostly streams CS:GO and League of Legends, you can catch a variety of games on his stream; you'll also catch him in our 1v1 servers daily. NinjaOutkast also maintains a Steam Community page, Shutdown CSGO. Check out his stream! If you like what he does as much as we do, give him a follow and join his steam group!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Voltiac eSports

AbsurdMinds is now sponsoring a team, featuring our very own GoatMips!


Formed September 8th, 2015 by Tribi, Voltiac eSports has sought to perform with excellence against their opponents while trying to provide an open and welcome gaming atmosphere. With more than ten-thousand hours of combined experience, Voltiac players are familiar enough with the game to compete on a high level. Each individual is gifted with their own talents and those talents are put to the test in-game. If you are looking for a scrim contact our team leader, Tribi. Add us on Steam, buddy us on ESEA, and friend us on CEVO. Hope to play with you soon!

Check them out at
Voltiac Steam Group
Voltiac ESEA
Voltiac CEVO