Wednesday, 21 June 2017

New server: The Sanitarium

This is the classic "I kind of want to try but also kind of don't" server for when you're feeling lazy but still want to feel good about yourself! Here are the features of the server.

Kind of want to try
  • Team collision is on - work those boosts!
  • Friendly fire is on - be careful where you aim!
  • Alltalk is off and deadtalk is on - strategize with your team!

Kind of don't want to try
  • $10,000 start money - buy that auto sniper if you want!
  • No round loss penalty - winners and losers get the same money!
  • Server has 30 minute timer - play until the map is done, not until one team "wins"!
  • Well-known maps - you'll know the angles, don't worry!

As per usual, feel free to give us any feedback here.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

GunGame is now a permanent server!

Due to the incredible popularity of the GunGame Monthly Game Mode, it will be a permanent server from now on! Please add the server to your favorites so you can play it in any time, and don't forget to share your feedback at our forums.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Welcome our newest member, Sems!

We first me Sems during one of our community 5v5 events, and she enjoyed it so much she decided to hang around. She has since become an integral part of our community, joining us in Mumble, Discord, and our servers whenever she can. She is super friendly, so if you see her around definitely tell her "hi"! Her favorite games are CS:GO and Rocket League, but she is also down to play almost anything, so if you're looking for a gaming buddy she's a good one to ask.