For anybody who is interested in being a part of a clan, it is important to know what that clan stands for and if they would fit in well with the expectations. Please familiarize yourself with the Absurd Minds mission statement and the Clan Member Expectations.

We recruit new members into our clan through an invite-only system. Here is what you have to do to even be considered for an invitation.
  • Register an account in our forums and post a thread in our Recruitment Section telling us you are interested in being invited and why you think you would be good for our clan.
  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Wait one month (we will not invite people quicker than a month).
  • During this month, do the following things:
    • Add clan members to your friends list.
    • Show your dedication to our Clan Member Expectations while you are under recruitment. (Except for #3 and #6, obviously.)
    • Use your unique personality to make our community a better place.

After a month, if any particular clan member decides that you would be a great addition to the clan, they will start a thread about you in a private, members-only subforum, making a case for your invitation. This thread will only be accessible to current AbsurdMinds members and will not be shared to non-members (except to you, if you ask). If you want to know the status of your invitation, just ask serialp0rt or Amaroq. We're happy to keep you informed!

To learn more about our recruitment process, please click here.