We rely on generous donations from team members, and the community to keep our servers up and running. If you would like to help us maintain these servers, please consider donating. Every dollar helps, and every dollar is greatly appreciated. We do everything we can to remain frugal while offering a wide variety of services to our community. If you're interested to see where the money is going, here's what's up.

Dedicated Server:
This is the machine that we currently host all our Valve-based games from. We managed to snag a deal with a company out of Chicago called HostVenomLLC.

Intel Xeon E3-1230v2
16GB DDR3 Memory
500GB Harddrive
10/100 Port
Ubuntu 13.04

This server costs 49.00 USD every month, and it is powerful enough to allows us to host a variety of servers with no performance impacts.


We have other small expenses but members of our community graciously front the bill.
  • [AM] Northern kindly donates his Mumble server for community use.
  • JERoH runs a private Minecraft server for our members.
  • GoatMips hosts our 1v1 Stats Page as well as the MySQL database that runs it.
  • Our fastdl service, forum, and other web hosting needs are hosted free of charge by The Umbrella Group.

You can make a donation to the AbsurdMinds Paypal account.