Absurd Minds is a gaming community built around fun, friendly, competitive gaming. As a community, we attempt to create a safe and inviting atmosphere for players of all skill levels and identities. We do not tolerate bigotry or discrimination against anybody for any reason.

We enjoy cultivating this friendly and competitive atmosphere in all sorts of games, though we consider Counter-Strike:Global Offensive to be our "main" game. We host a variety of CS:GO servers as well as a Mumble server where people can hang out while playing various games or just killing time. We welcome new and veteran players alike, and we expect everybody, regardless of skill level, to play competitively and as a respectful team member.

At Absurd Minds, we value what our community has to say. We want to make the gaming experience as good as possible, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve our community please let us know by posting to our forums.

If you enjoy your experience at Absurd Minds, please consider making a donation. It costs money to keep Absurd Minds running, and while we would never require people to pay to play in our servers, it helps out when users give donations when they can.

Our Mumble server is public, and we invite anybody to come in! If you're looking for somebody to play a game with or just want some conversation, there is almost always somebody in there.

For a complete list of server rules, please read this forum thread.