Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shout-out from Spain!

I helped a spaniard with his server a few months back, and now that he's made his website he's given us an amazing shout-out on his site.

TTF Community

Os presentamos una comunidad amiga, americana, con un staff magnífico. Esta comunidad principalmente tiene servidores de CS:GO de todo tipo, tiene públicos de carrera de armamentos, deadmatch, casual, etc.. y que podéis entrar si os apetece sin problemas. Tenéis toda la información en su web

Un miembro del Staff "Amaroq" es amigo de SiNh0, de Steam. Se conocieron más a fondo debido a unos cambios que hizo Valve en los servidores de CS:GO con el steamappid.txt de los mismos.

Os mostramos sus servidores:

CS:GO 20-slot Competitive (Popular workshop maps): CS:GO 10-slot Competitive (Pure competitive): CS:GO Demolition (Popular workshop maps): CS:GO DeathMatch (SourceMod): CS:GO 64-tick DeathMatch (SourceMod): CS:GO GunGame: CS:GO aim/awp/fy:

This translates to:
We present to you a friendly, American clan with a magnificent staff. This community mainly has CS:GO servers of many different types, including ArmsRace, deathmatch, casual, etc., and you can join them if you wish. They have all of their information in their website,

One staff member, Amaroq, is Sinh0's friend on Steam. They met because of some difficulties with changes Valve made to CS:GO servers.

We'd like to show you their servers: